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Welcome to the St John's Mead School Web Site

A warm welcome to St John's Mead School. We are situated in the Market town of Chipping Sodbury lying at the foot of the southern Cotswold escarpment below Dodington Park in southern Gloucestershire 8 miles north-east of Bristol. As the Chipping in its name implies, it was once an important market centre in medieval times and stands at the crossroads on the main route between Bristol, Oxford and London.

St John's Mead School is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School which serves the community of Chipping Sodbury in South Gloucestershire and is controlled by the Local Authority. Voluntary controlled schools are schools that were originally controlled by the Church.

The school currently has 308 primary aged pupils and a Nursery for 60 children. The school teaches the National Curriculum and religious education follows the Local Education Authority's agreed syllabus.



Reminder: this meeting has been rescheduled for Monday 26th September 3:30pm.  Miss Williams looks forward to meeting you and sharing the routines, expectations and the joyful learning that will take place this year.


Tomorrow's Meet the Teacher at 3:30pm is for classes Endeavour and Discovery. Due to Miss Williams being off poorly with whiplash, following a car crash on Friday, her meeting with parents will be rescheduled.  Apologies for the postponement but I am sure you will join me in sending our best wishes to Miss Williams. 


Remember raincoats as we will be watching the cyclists this afternoon!  Be aware the High Street may still be closed at pick up time.

Congratulations to:
James D, Evie H, Sam J, Evie W,  Keiran M, Jemma M, Jess L, Charlie H, Samuel B, Lillie May H, Daniel C,  Lily C, Austin V, Layla T, Amelia G, Liam P, Lola P, Matthew H, Lacey D, Ben P, Ruby F and Sebastian B. 
Outstanding Contribution: Katie S
100 Percent Attendance 2015-16
Eliza J, Steven , Jessica Y, Lila , William P, Cerys B, Charlie K, Sebastian R, Bethany R, Morgan , Daisy J, William K, Reece , Philip B, Ashton , Lillie , Jemma H, Henry , Max R, Callum G, Demi M, Abbie R, Sophie A, Jack B, Jessica D, Cassie , Lloyd , Alex R, Mkenzy , Chloe W.
100 % Percent Attendance Summer Term 2016

Imogen A, Ruby , Jessica F, Rosie M, Tyler R-T, Harriet , Molly S, Max B, Noah C, Adele, Isabelle K-H, Amelie , Elena M, Kayleigh, Emily B, Charlotte D, Lucy D, Noah F, Matthew H, Jamie M, Lola , Alfie P, Charlie R, Poppy , Charlie Y, Mya B, Harry B, Drew D, Lauren , Max F, Imogen G, Chloe P, Liam , Jack W, Kaidon, Callum W, James A, Patrick , Madison B, Matthew B, Isobelle B, Isobel B, Elliott F, Lily M, Ataya, Zoe, Sabin, Olly , Layla,  Austin , Freddie, Laura, Eloise, Chloe B, Lily C, Daniel, Matthew E, Madison F, Lucy G, Nell, Niamh, Daisy P, Theo P, Riley P, Jack R, Tyler R, Joshua S, Rosalia , Gemma, Channon-Marie, Philippa, Seren, Cameron , Ian, Taylor , Chloe M, Eli R, Mia W, Harry A, Elliot B, Levelle , Courtney , Evie F, Charlie H, Lexie, Oscar, Tyus, Katie R, Callum R, Miles, Gabriella, Reuben, Leo , John B, Sienna-Jade, Evie E, Tommy , Melissa, Paige , Anya , Jemma M, Kacey, Nicole, Alfie B-L, Dawson , Ellis C, Matthew D, Alexander, Molly F, Vegas, Jodi, Lucy, Millie , Alice, Joe B, Rosie C, Heidi, Evie C, Harrison , Theo F, Luis , Callye.

Well done everyone!


8 am
3:30 - 7:00 pm
And Macmillan coffee morning 9:15 am

Diary: Head Teacher


Well the children (and whole school community) are getting excited about the cycling event this afternoon.  Jamie W and Lexie J have been given the opportunity to attend the awards event this Saturday and actually go on the podium so we look forward to hearing about that too.  You are welcome to join us this afternoon.  Please do not worry if you get held up by the road closures - we will look after your children until you arrive.  


Congratulations to our new house captains who have been elected, in the spirit of democracy, by their peers: Carla, Alfie (Red House, St. George); Jodie, Vegas (Green House, St. Patrick) Ethan, Anya (Blue House, St. Andrew);Tommy and Evie (Yellow House, St. David).  We know that they will represent their houses with great care and effort.  


What a wonderful morning!  The children organised a fabulous fair with a wide range of stalls for everyone to enjoy.  I'm typing this with very bright orange nails thanks to Sienna-Jade and her team!  Apparently Brazil was the chosen country, Candyfloss the name of the bear and 200+ the record for 'keepie-uppies'.  Huge thanks to all the parents and grandparents who supported the event by providing prizes, resources and loose change.  Everyone had a great time and the money raised will go to charities of the children's choosing.