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Welcome to the St John's Mead School Web Site

A warm welcome to St John's Mead School. We are situated in the Market town of Chipping Sodbury lying at the foot of the southern Cotswold escarpment below Dodington Park in southern Gloucestershire 8 miles north-west of Bristol. As the Chipping in its name implies, it was once an important market centre in medieval times and stands at the crossroads on the main route between Bristol, Oxford and London.

St John's Mead School is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School which serves the community of Chipping Sodbury in South Gloucestershire and is controlled by the Local Education Authority. Voluntary controlled schools are schools that were originally controlled by the Church.

The school currently has 308 primary aged pupils and a Nursery for 60 children. The school teaches the National Curriculum and religious education follows the Local Education Authority's agreed syllabus.



School is expected to be open as usual next Thursday.


Particularly slow traffic on the motorway means our children will probably be later back.  We'll let you know more when we know it!


Y5 due back 4:30pm.  Anything different we will post on the website or email.


Y5 due back 4:30pm.  Anything different we will post on the website or email.


Children probably back about 4:15.  Not so bad!



Diary: Head Teacher


Congratulations to all our children who have achieved 100% over the year.  Very impressive!

Well done to:

Fiona B, John B, Philip B, AshtonB , Katherine D, Elin S-D, Channon-Marie D, Courtney D, Gabby D, Max E, Elliot F, Shay G, Jessica H, Joshua H, Grace M, Bethany P-J, Ellie P, Max R, Sebastian R, Alex R, Katie R, Emelia S, Saffron S, Chloe S, Bailee W.


The Year 5 children have had a fabulous trip and look set to arrive back on time.  Click on 'showcase' to see some photographs.  If you look at the showcase for Year 5 click to see other photos attached.  I particularly like the mystery tour!


Children slept well.  Apparently they were ready to go to bed and went without a fuss!  Sounds like they've been busy.