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 School Council


What is School Council?
School councilers are two representatives from each of the classes (a boy and a girl). The year 6 representatives can take it in turn to chair the meetings. The school council’s teacher representative is Mrs Berry, our head mistress. School council is also a forum for pupils to have a direct impact in the descisions of the school with the aim of ensuring school is a positive experience for everyone. School council starts at Year 1 and ends at Year 6.   
Why have School Council?
We have school council because the representatives can feedback to and from their class and make a difference.
When and where is School Council?
School council is held in which ever classroom is appropriate. It is every other Wednesday or Thursday during assembly at 10.10am.
How do you get into School Council?
 Every school year anyone who wants to can try out for school council where their class will vote for the people they want. The boy and the girl with the most votes will become the new representitives.
Why is School Council great?
School council is great because it allows the pupils of the school to make decisions or debate about what happens in the school. This year these have included: Making safety checks and adapting the new equipment.
What are the School Council Secreteries

The School Council secreterries are two people, one from Sputnik, one from Viking, who at every meeting, records the issues and descisions made about them. They then make a page of minutes that every class                                             has, so that all the classes can be updated on the news.

Who are the School Council representatives?
School council starts at Year 1 and ends at Year 6.
The representatives from:

Discovery (Y1)= Jacob and Molly

Endevour (Y1/2)= Armir and Lila
Explorer (Y2)= Beatrice and Travis
Gemini (Y3)= Daisy. J and Liam
Genesis (Y3/4)= Lennon and Nell
Liberty (Y4)= Gemma and Jack
Pheonix (Y5)= Isabelle and Isaac
Sputnik (Y5/6)= Appoline and Daniel
Viking (Y6)= Isabelle. P and John. B
We also have school council secretaries to write notes from the meetings and turn them into minutes-which you can view below; the current secreteries are: 
Joshua S (Viking) and Evie E (Sputnik)